Maria Luisa Rabell bride’s collection defines an original, colourful style with a personalised, unique touch. Good taste, knowledge and expertise of the haute couture techniques come together so that the new principle of an informal elegance can be naturally achieved. Then the sophisticated garments look with the air of the simple and easy. The Rabell brides bring the concept of the classic to a definite contemporary scenario while offering a wide range of options in colours, forms and fabrics.

This vision comes to an expression in the form of two collections of dresses, each one with its own personality and a different sensibility. One relates to the concept of a timeless design, always fashionable. The other one, subtle and conceived with a more playful, casual touch, combines colors and breaks all the clichés linked to wedding dresses. Both have been created with new ideas to enhance a contemporary look. Both built up through elaborated forms and handcrafted textures. Maria Luisa Rabell's language refers to a personal view of style and elegance. The collection offers the most versatile range of options combining the different garments with matching complements.



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